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Thuesday  March 17 , 2020
8 pm
Concert Hall, Jaani Kirik Cathedral,
St Petersburg (RU)


Music of Dmitry Maksimachev

St. Petersburg composer, sound producer, with the string quartet, horn, trumpet, clarinet, flute, piano, double bass, glockenspiel and orchestra cymbals as part of the orchestra.

The big stereo Orchestra

Thursday  March 19 , 2020
7 pm
Ruské středisko vědy a kultury v Praze, Prague (Czech Republic)

"Embassy of Musical Mastery"
Chamber concert: Bach, Mozart, Gaubert, Denisov, Martin, Fauré (flute and piano)

Beethoven, Brahms (piano solo)

Alexander Kashpurin (piano)

Elizaveta Ivanova (flute)

Thursday  April 2 , 2020
7 pm
Petrozavodsk Conservatory, Petrozavodsk (RU)

"Musical Team of Russia"
Chamber concert: Sibelius, Vrolov, Tsjaikovsky, Vainberg, Beethoven and Skryabin

Alexander Kashpurin (piano)

Ravil Islyamov (violin)

Tuesday May 12 , 2020
7 pm
Shostakovich St. Petersburg Academic Philharmonia, small hall (RU)

Prokofiev, Sonata No 7, Ravel "Gaspard de la nuit", Prokofiev-Ancelle
Suite for two Pianos from "Romeo and Juliette"

Alexander Kashpurin (piano)

Oleg Vainshtein (piano)

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