October 2020

Due to Corona all concert halls have been closed for quite some time.

The borders with the Shengen counties are still closed and probably remain closed till spring 2021.

December 2019

Alexander first prize winner of the International Russian Music Piano Competition in Ryazan, Russia.

With his fabulous piano playing, he once again conquered all hearts, including those of the jury.

During the final concert Alexander played Tchaikovsky - Piano Concerto No. 3 E flat major, Op 75.

This concert is hardly played by orchestra's, but absolutely worthwhile to be played and listen at.

To be heard and seen at Youtube

November 2019

Alexander Kashpurin, winner of the first prize of the VIII International M.K. Čiurlionis Piano Competition 2019. This competition was held in November 2019 in Vilnius (Lithuania).

He also won 2 special prizes, including a solo concert with the Lithuanian National Philharmonic in 2020.

The video of the second round of the competitionon can be seen at the Video page

and via YouTube

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